Welcome to the Temporary Home of eclubvw

Okay so by now you all know what happened with our beloved forums. If not this was taken directly from the eclubvw page…

"Last month, I decided it was time to upgrade the old P4 server to a new Quad Core. The day the new server was setup and ready to go, the hard drive on the old server crashed, and did not give me the chance to recover and back up any files or database. As a result of this incident, 5 years of database is lost and now eClubVW is back to point zero. It is a very hurtful experience and I wish I was able to recover the database. Unfortunately, the only back up I found that was not corrupted dates back to 2004, and I do not see the point of uploading. I would like to bring the forum back to life and hopefully with more help and better direction this time we make the club even better. If you are interested in helping out financially, or if you are experienced with vBulletin features, design and style please contact me.

Some members kept in touch with me via text message, myspace, facebook or email and offered their help and support. And I thank you for that. Hopefully with everybody’s help and effort we can rebuild a better club."

I set this wiki up for us to all communicate and plan our TN trip in case eclubvw.com is down for a while.

So sign up and let's start planning for 2009!

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